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böse Frau

Major welcomes On Ramp grad Marissa to the Dog PoundWhen it comes to working out, or training, as we do here, what are your goals.  What type of results are you expecting?  Do you want to lose weight?  Fit into your skinny jeans?  Get a six pack?  While we all want to look our best, but what does that really look like?  Is it realistic? 

Often I hear goals such as “I want to lose 15lbs”.  My response is “based on what?”.  There will be a pause while they try to process this then they’ll say “because I’m overweight” or “that’s what I weighed in highschool”.  I’ll prod more “how do you know that’s the amount of weight you should lose or that you should be that weight?”  This where they just stare. 

What if the goal was to be as fit and healthy as possible?  To be faster, stronger, have more endurance, be more powerful, be more agile, have more energy.  What would that look like?   Click here and I’ll show you.


Friday’s WOD

Three rounds for time:

1200m row

12  x  kb swing (a)   24kg / 16kg

10  x  pull-ups

 8   x  dips


Lupe       25:56

Juanita    23:55

Al            21:21 rx

Ayanna   33:25

MiB          30:53

MaB        34:04

Trey        24:09 rx

Nav        28:37

Phil         19:44 rx

Molly       24:17 

Beth       27:25

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  1. anthony

    change in the wod? PLEASE TELL EVERYBODY TO ATTEND TOMORROW AND BRING A FRIEND FOR A GREAT CAUSE. Workout tomorrow will be in memorial of the fallen policeman from Lakewood.

  2. Gio

    Don’t you just love change?

    Un-welcomed Change:

    People will balk at the sound of change
    People will complain at the thought of change
    People will blame others for their failures
    People will not want to be held accountable to their actions
    People want comfort where there is none
    People will pout and complain more when challenged
    People will not change because they CAN NOT accept themselves as they truly are
    People will want company around them to agree with them even when they’re wrong

    Welcomed Change:

    People will grow internally
    People accept responsibility and have a desire for others to grow
    People care more for others when they change their mental outlook
    People will support and lift others even when they are failing themselves
    People that are strong emotionally don’t want to take down others when they have a bad day
    People learn better with an open mind and are willing to adapt and overcome when change is needed.

    Ahhh, a needed change for the better is coming. Which one are you?

    Accountable yet?

    I am, and you hold me to that every day.

    I fall, and fail. Then I get up and change that which made me fail, and not want to continue in
    the first place.

    I can not teach you if I don’t first learn.

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