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Four rounds for time:

10  x  hsc         95# / 65#

400m run / row (due to ice)

5    x  ohs


Sam          18:08 rx

Brett         14:54 rx

Juanita      25:26 55# ohs

Phil           12:11 rx

Beth         22:14 55#

Amy          16:45  pvc / mb 10#

Natalia      21:08  35#


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  1. McLar

    Hey all! I know we’ll be doing an early 8am Memorial WOD this Saturday, but if you’re not too tired swing by Windy City CrossFit at 4115 N. Ravenswood, Chicago, IL 60613 for their Winter Olympic Weightlifting meet. Warmups start at 11am and competition starts at Noon. Lots of other affiliates and cf’ers will be there competing in Clean & Jerk and Snatch. I think I’m also gonna give it a go even though I’ve only done max effort a few times on them. Should be fun and you can meet lots of other cool cf people. Let me know if you’re gonna make it! & Caveman, do u prefer to be slapped on the right or left side of your face?

  2. caveman

    Caveman slapped? By you? Gotta great story for that! See you saturday after BDCF when I spear you. And now that I’m a beginning yoga master, be ready for anything(THANKS BETH)

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