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CF Lumberjack, Ft. Hood – Memorial WOD Results

Click to enlarge imageAwesome Job Bulldogs

Thank you Bulldogs for your strong show of support today and the amazing efforts you all put in.  It was inspirational to watch.  Thanks to Will, from Windy City CrossFit, for joining us and helping out with some coaching too.  It was a pleasure to have Matt B. from CrossFit Los Altos join us today as well. 

We’re fast approaching our 1st year here at the Dog Pound and 11 years of Bulldog Bootcamp.  I can’t wait to see what the future brings.  We will be announcing our 11 year anniversary party this week.  It will be towards the end of January and we look forward to seeing you in something other than workout clothes. 

— Greg Major

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  1. Totally brutal workout today, but worth every minute of the 30 it took for me to complete it! Truly enjoyed my nap afterwards, I’m not gonna lie.
    Boys & McLar, thanx for the great push to help me get thru to the end! You’re all inspirational to me and phenomenal athletes/ CF role models.

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