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Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better desgnedly. — Franis Bacon




Thursdays WOD

Three rounds for time:

3    x  C & J     M-135# / F-95#

800m run

18  x  wb


Nip’n Tuck      17:41   115#

Molly              19:51   rx

McLar             16:40   rx  10’ target

Mouse            19:12   rx

Gmaj              21:50   rx

Caveman       17:50   rx

Aquabob        24:26   rx


On Ramp:

Day 7 –  Marissa    7:10

             Amy          7:25

Day 8 –  Wendy     5:27


Ever wonder how your performance is related to what you eat or not eat?  How about what goes in doesn’t necessarily go out!  Here is an informative article along with a little poke at the ol’ shooter!

From Pie Hole to Poop Chute

6 Responses

  1. JIm "Doc" Rooks

    Dear Bulldog Crossfitters, please keep our community in the Lakewood, WA area in your prayers. As you may know we had 4 of our finest police officers gunned down while they were drinking coffee this past weekend. Fortunately the monster has been eliminated by an alert Seattle Police officer some 40 miles from the crime scene. It has deeply affected our community. One of our "firebreathers" at CFNL is an Officer and a SWAT team member. One of the victims was his team leader. Say a word of thanks, too, to that very nice CPD officer and "firebreather" that works out with y’all, tell him thank you for all he does and puts up with to keep us safe!

  2. Gio

    Doc, you can rest assured that they are in my prayers. Those that serve in the Public sector have and will continue to hold a special place in my life due to friends, and family serving not only in the Public sector, but private and military sector risking all for our sakes.


  3. McLar

    I am very thankful that we have Caveman and Mouse at our box and I have so much respect for them and all they do. They’ve told me some crazy stories and I admire them for keeping us safe and doing a job few people would dare to. My thoughts go out to those families affected.

    And G, could we please do some more wallballs and running in the wod tmrw? My legs are craving it. Grrr…

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