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Three rounds for time:


  • 800m run
  • 50  x  wb    20# / 14#  


  • 400m run
  • 25  x  wb    20# / 14#


Phil            15:42  rx

Molly          20:17  rx

Juanita      30:40  rx 

Lupe         28:14  rx 

Michael B   46:16  14#

Mary B       43:23  rx

Ayanna      42:18  rx

Larson       18:46  rx – 10’ target (men’s height)

IV               30:18  rx  –  men’s height also  😉

Aqua bob   24:04  rx

Brett          24:55  rx




Laura        14:52  rx  50% off (Hey, it’s a holiday special) 😉

Naveed     24:53  14#  


Chilly morning, so be prepared to get really sweaty.  Wicking material helps a lot!

16 Responses

  1. McLar

    Am I the only one that f’ing posts anymore? Come on people. Join in. Anyways, I might have to make it in for this one and see how competetive I can get with Phil’s time. I love Wallballs’s!

  2. anthony

    All Bulldogs-DONT FORGET ABOUT SATURDAY(YES THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!) 05DEC09….we are having a WOD benefit/memorial for Lumberjack Crossfit that was affliated with Ft. Hood. Come on out and give your all for those who give their all

  3. Brett

    Yeah, so I don’t post alot, but I always check in to see the McLar and caveman daily bashing – replete with the embedded innuendo.

    I’ll be in tonight also, to chase Phil’s time as well, (and probably Molly’s too).

    I haven’t seen Allan throw down on some 800s lately…

  4. Phil

    First time poster – love you, love your show. I’ll be checking back to see if anyone can topple my time…wall ball and running is my dream workout.

  5. aqua bob

    As long as my Pace car is gonna be there, i’m in.. This is gonna be good. I’ll bring my I pod that i just recently filled w classical music to pump us up.. And whats with these short work outs????? seems like it should be more rounds

  6. gman

    Aqua bob, you are asking for more rounds? Sounds to me that you need to go FASTER and then we can talk. How’s that? Make the rounds doc, make sure that all is well and then lay it on the line.


  7. anthony

    ok lets go over it again…wall balls good, running bad. Larson talks a done of smack, but still ends up looking at the lights, Bret’s gonna crush Phil tonight(win one of the the older folks), Phil cheats by being young and tall, and aqua bob…..listen to more Rollins, Hatebreed, and Metallica. Aaron will be back as soon as he figures out where the Iowa bandwagon went

  8. McLar

    See? It’s not so hard to get a little posting-smack-talk fun going is it? Love it. And not to be cocky, but I will crush everyone in this wod…and I needn’t any music to pump me up either. I have my own internal playlist of Rage Against The Machine, Alice ‘N Chains and System of A Down going at all times. Maybe this is why I’m so angry. Get ready bitches.

  9. McLar

    Ok, Phil. I bow down to you as the official "800 m run/Wallball Champion". I knew I was in some serious trouble after coming in the door after the first 800 and realizing I was just over 3 minutes. That would’ve been fine if I could rock out 50 wallballs in less than 2 minutes and maintain that insane pace 3 times in a row. Then it became an obsession of beating Molly. I give mad props to all the fellas for throwing to the big boys mark al the time. That shit sucks. Next time I’ll really grow a pair and use the 20# wb too. I’m glad I’m a lady, well, female at least. That one burned. Awesome!!! And all you bitches best be in for this Saturdays Memorial Lumberjack 20 wod. That is gonna be crazy awful good as well. Get ready!

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