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Body work

The Secret Garden

By Crystal Hanes, TV reporter and CrossFit Milford member

Have you ever read The Secret Garden?

It’s the story of a little British boy who spends his whole life being told he was too sick to walk, to play, or to go outside.

The truth was he hadn’t ever been given the chance to try. Everyone was too afraid he’d die on the spot.

Staring through the sallow yellow plastic of the isolation tent in the hospital room of the children’s ward I had been admitted to more times then I celebrated birthdays; my seven year mind mind thought I was like that little boy. I thought I was being told I was sick, couldn’t play or go outside when I was really okay. I could unhook the I.V., remove my oxygen mask, leave my plastic prison and play outside in the secret garden.

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For time:

  • 20  x  parallette dips
  • 30  x  parallette push ups
  • 20  x  parallette pull thru’s
  • 30  x  pull ups
  • 20  x  squats

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  1. McLar

    Short workout, but not sweet. So glad to have it just like old times with Tony shoving my face onto the floor and Larry giving him shit. good stuff.

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