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by Jon Gilson — Again Faster

The contention, like most that endure, made perfect sense.   Get too strong, and your endurance will suffer.  Too much endurance, and your strength will drop.  You can’t have everything.

Fortunately, perfect sense and reality do not always occupy the same space, their neat relationship thrown askew by the inexorable march of athletic evolution.

The fact that we missed:  previous feats of athleticism will always be surpassed.  Sprinters will sprint faster, lifters will lift more.  Quarterbacks will throw more accurately, batters will hit more home runs.  CrossFitters will get stronger and faster. Read the full article



I  –  Three rounds for time:

10  x  hpc         95#/65#

10  x  pull-ups

 3   x  rope climbs   (10 ring rows)


II  –  Three rounds for time –  B WOD:

5  x  hpc

5  x  ring rows

5  x  parallette dips


Oh, the weather outside is frightful….. NOT!  So, I heard crickets this morning and wondered where everyone was, then 0530 came and Brett walked in with a swagger and one eye opened.  I thought he was lit.  No, he said he was so sore his eye lids ached from Fran yesterday.  Who knew? 

Brett        10:33   rx

LMAD       15:35   jpu

Loopy      10:02   jpu / 55#

Laura       11:14  jpu / 20#

The Inlaw 12:14  jpu  /  45#

MaB          12:28  jpu  /  55#

LeDoc       13:04  jpu  /  65#

Abby         7:25    20# – B WOD

Molly         8:28   jpu /  rr  /  65#

PwrRgr     8:22   rx

IV             9:16   jpu  /  rr

Aquaman 17:55  rx



On Ramp Wk 1:

Marissa   7:47


On Ramp Wk 2:

Wendy   9:32

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