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Regional PDR Seminar at Bulldog CrossFit

What an amazing event.  Thanks to Tom Arcuri of the Blaur Team for putting on a fun but extremely educational and informative event.  With the help of Joe Sapari, Tom kept us on our toes, entertained and totally involved.  The time went by so fast and even though we barely scratched the surface, everyone could take away conciderably more knowledge and confidence than they walked in with this morning.  It was great to have our CrossFit friends from the CrossFit community in Milwaukee.  More to come.

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  1. Angie

    Thanks for hosting the PDR Seminar. It was great and very informative. The two major take aways for me was: 1. My forearm is a powerful weapon when used correctly~who knew? 2. Training appropriately and realistically from the flinch stage in order to react and use tactics to defend myself was much more powerful than getting ready to fight the intruder starting with my boxer’s stance.

    It was great to meet you all. You have a great box in a great town. I loved it and look forward to meeting you again in the future for events.

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