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CFOW Throw down

The new Vibrams?

Friday’s WOD

5 rounds for time:

7  x  pull ups

7  x  thrusters  115# / 75#

7  x  burpees



Great job this morning by Molly.  You can sense the intensity, the drive, the power and then she dropped the BAR!  Man, what gives?  It’s only 300#’s woman!  You could’ve done the entire workout with 325#!

Molly      10:03  /  jpu

MaB       17:56  /  jpu / 45#

MiB        29:34  /  bpu / 65#

Drama   23:42  /  jpu / 45#

LMAD    19:07  /  jpu 

Hank     38:35  / jpu  / 75#

B&B       13:56  /  jpu / 55#   

V           16:52   rx

Brett      12:56  rx

PwrRgr   06:49 rx

Flash     12:18  105#


As it finally settled, dirt in their teeth, bloodied hands, whimpering sounds only one came away with the title = “Molly Throw Down” Winner and it turned out to be her own hubby.  Yes, Power Ranger beat his wife.  He came in with a look of determination and a desire to prove to her that he can do everything she can and still go home and put on the apron!  



Reminder:  The gym will be closed Nov. 21 all day for the Special event.  You can still register for the PDR Regional Seminar.


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