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Get ready for more fun this week at the Dog PoundCult
by Jon Gilson, Again Faster

This can’t be a cult; the connotations are all wrong. “Cult” would imply that something foolish or devious is occurring, something motivated by greed or vanity, something to do with stars or demigods, the cosmos or the second coming.
The only motivation here is excellence. Caring too much. Pushing the boundaries. All that stuff you say during a job interview and nobody believes you.
From outside the looking glass, I can see the disbelief. I can believe the disbelief. Thousands of people, swearing up and down this is the best thing since solar power, lawn irrigation, and supermarkets, bundled into a free-if-you-want-it package and available daily, changing lives every time. It sounds like a teenager’s drunken promise, whispered sweetly and mired in mal-intent.  continue reading

Monday’s WOD

Five rounds for time:

12  x  sdhp    95# / 65#

10  x  pp        95# / 65#

Reminder:  The gym will be closed Nov. 21 all day for the Special event.  You can still register for the PDR Regional Seminar.

7 Responses

  1. anthony

    Sam, heard the bear is a little sore. We tore it up today, squats were a little hard, but once we loosened up, thrusters flew by!!!

  2. McLar

    "F U! That was 6!! What…? I have to do 9?!! Son of a bitch… I always knew I should’ve learned how to read. I’m calling Hooked on Phonics right now. Seriously though, that 95# felt like 200#. Awful. Terrible. Horrible. Good stuff.

  3. Sam


    As I have told you, enjoy all current victories, because the time is coming soon when I will expand my level of CFSB dominance beyond its current bounds.

    I have decided to go back to the drawing board and work on my squat form. This adjustment is to make my squat power even deadlier. Besides, it is not like I can currently add more weight to bar while during reps. This adjustment will help increase my endurance in the squat endurance exercises, which will really stir things up.

    Yes, my knees are a bit sore. But tomorrow is a new day. Or, even better its DEADLIFT DAY.

    See you,


  4. Anthony

    Good news to hear about the change. Bad news is I’m looking forward to DEADLIFT DAY. It’s just not fair that you took it easy today doing HEAVY FRAN

  5. Gio

    Correct FORM goes for EVERYONE and then you can continue with your chest pounding so that I don’t hear anymore about ("Oh, I can’t open up) / (the weight is too light/heavy).

    Get it fixed. Then you both can go and bend my bars to your hearts content and me just watching and cueing.

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