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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Jim “DOC” Rooks of CrossFit No Limits shows us that age is just a number with some clapping pushups. Doc’s son Brett trains with us here at Bulldog CrossFit.

For time:

25  x  fs  95# / 65#
800m run

12  x  bs  95# / 65#
800m run

6    x  ohs 95# / 65# 
400m run

Reminder:  The gym will be closed Nov. 21 all day for the Special event.  You can still register for the PDR Regional Seminar.

5 Responses

  1. Sam


    165 (5x)
    170 (5x)
    175 (5x)

    20 kb snatches each hand at 24kg

    Bear Complex

    Power Clean
    Front Squat
    Push Press
    Back Squat
    Push Press

    65 lbs -5 reps
    75 lbs -5 reps
    95 lbs – 5 reps
    105 lbs – 5 reps
    125 lbs – 5 reps
    135 lbs – 5 reps
    150 lbs – 4 reps (BEARMEAT!!!)

  2. McLar

    As sick as it sounds, I actually enjoyed "The Bear" today. Must not have gone heavy enough. & probably shouldn’t have played on the pullup bar after either. i love cf even when i’m suffering and tearing skin off my hands. awesomeness.

  3. Sgt Friday

    I loved to hate yesterdays workout…..ripped up hands and all! I’m definitely on the wagon to going heavier! What has happened to me?????

  4. anthony

    I’ll the whinning that you girls are doing does’nt change that THE STRONGEST SHALL SURVIVE!!!!! As Ted Nugent has said……"Bear meat is excellent!!!!!" Who finished strong……….I wonder? Thanks for the push from Michelle(watching you wish you went heavier helped me…but dont let go) and Sam(you going heavier pushed me…but you let go!!!). Cant wait to do it again!!!!!

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