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Bulldog Bootcamp & CrossFt Owner, Greg Major, with daughters McKenna (Bear) and Reese (Unincorn), with their friends Emily (Count Chocula) and Justin (Batman)

 With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to get in the habit of getting to the Dog Pound as often as possible.  Do your best to not miss much during this holiday season.  Dial your meals in now.  Enjoy thanksgiving without feeling guilty.  Have any questions about what you should be eating?  There’s plenty of info available but be sure to take advantage of your nutrition check-ins with your freindly neighborhood CrossFit coaches — GMAJ

Today’s WOD

Five rounds for time:

15  x  dl  bw

30  x  push up

60  x  sit up

Reminder:  The gym will be closed Nov. 21 all day for the Special event.  You can still register for the PDR Regional Seminar.


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  1. anthony

    Why deadlift? In all seriousness, the heavy deadlift is foundational to functional fitness. Working to increase capacity to, without the aid of assistance, lift something heavy off of the ground. Does it get more functional that that? The deadlift is equally foundational to build basic, whole body strength, that translates in every other facet of exercise. (If your response is, “not true, it doesn’t help my alternating dumbell curls” then you need to get in here immediately for further discussion of functional fitness). Get off your ass and lift til it hurts!!!!!!!!

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