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Max Pull ups

For max pull ups as possible:

On the first minute perform 1 pull up

Add one pull up every min:

Min. 1 = 1 pull up

Min. 2 = 2 pull ups

Min. 3 = 3 pull ups

Min. 4 = 4 pull ups………

Continue until you can no longer complete the required pull ups for that minute set.

4 Responses

  1. Sam

    Gio this is your fault. You realize that by allowing Tony to gratuitously flaunt the required rep limit that I am forced to declare a rep/weight war in all muscle endurance exercises.

    Enjoy this victory, I’ll be back.

    365 x 5
    385 x 5
    405 x 5

    95 lb (16x)

    24 kg SDHP


    By the way as soon as they get a longer bar or other weights, I am going to put hundred on you.

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