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*Integrating CrossFit With SPEAR
By Tony Blauer and Freddy Camacho
—Video from CrossFit Journal

Working in a team increases human pain threshold

Ian Sample, science correspondent, Wednesday 16 September 2009 01.32 BST


Team players can tolerate twice as much pain as those who work alone, according to research that throws fresh light on some of the most wince-inducing feats in sporting history.

Researchers at Oxford University found that members of its rowing team had a greater pain threshold after training together than when they performed the same exercises individually.

Working as a group is thought to boost the rush of endorphins, a feel-good chemical that is released in the brain and helps dampen down feelings of pain, the scientists said.  Read the article

Today’s WOD

Press, Push Press, Push Jerk
Five rounds for time and loads:

1 – 3 – 5

Increase loads every set.

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