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Tabata Something Else

For total reps:

Pull ups

Push ups

GHD – sit ups



*20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest.  Eight cycles of each exercise for total points of all reps combined.

*Three minutes of rest between each exercise.

*If ghd is unavailable, ab-mats are to be used.

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  1. Gio

    For those of you looking to get stronger and faster please take time to consider the CFSB program. CrossFit Strength Bias is a program designed specifically to increase your performance(s), times, and strength in a six to eight week period.

    If you are interested in finding out more information, please email me ASAP.

    We are starting a 6 week cycle on Monday the 19th of October. Interested parties, let’s get it started. Standards are high among those that participate in such a program. Proper lifting mechanics will be adhered to, and CHECK THE EGO AT THE DOOR! There is no more room in this facility for Ego’s and Pre-Madonas. If you are having a problem with your lifts, ask for assistance and you will be taught the correct form to perform such a lift.

    *You must have solid foundational skills prior to starting a CFSB program.
    Such as Level 1 skill sets down and be able to perform any of those without a problem. If there are gross motor skills that need to be addressed prior to starting on Monday, pull me aside and speak to me. Don’t assume you know everything there is, because I sure don’t. If in doubt, I refer to my coach also.

  2. McLar

    I am stoked for CFSB!! Can’t wait to have my ass handed to me in a whole new way. So glad I got to play with my favorite Caveman again today!! Nothing better than spending some qualtiy time at the box with my 3 favorite boys. Mouse, I miss you too! Come back to us at 8:30 tues/thurs please!! & I better say fuck at least once to not seem too out of the ordinary. See you fuckers Thursday.

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