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  1. turnedoff

    Why the “Race for a Cure” Mentality Doesn’t Work…and What Does

    Doesn’t work for whom? Anyone can write an article. This is a big world with many thoughts and ideas. If you continue this type of marketing, you will alienate many people! That is your right. Good Luck!

  2. Major

    So it’s not a good idea to hear or read peoples opinions to see what their argument is? What people think of what is written is the point.
    Do they agree? Disagree? Why? It’s not marketing. It’s to get people thinking. Maybe start a conversation where people can express their views and opinions. I’m not sure what’s wrong with that or how it would offend anyone. That’s not the intention.
    If we don’t read an opinion like this, how can we refute it? We have to know and understand what the author is saying before we can disagree, or agree with it.

  3. Gio

    I was reading the article when I came upon a link within it called Think Before You Pink. I have found many controversial articles both in science, and fitness. Now I don’t know if I can really find much to disagree with the meat and potatoes of this article.

    I have family that has fought cancer, some lived and some rest in peace. Do I do them a dis-service if I don’t contribute via the "Machine"? The Machine in particular selects how much of what is donated and use it to cover costs, overhead, lawyers, lobbyists, all as a non-profit org.

    Diseases are "caused" or turned on by the right triggers. Triggers? Yes, a metabolic nuclear bomb, and it’s by living an unhealthy life style, smoking, obese, eating junk and never really taking accountability for your actions. Can you really fight a disease like Diabetes? Really?
    I know I am just paraphrasing some of the article in the last sentence and a little from the website I posted, but you must ask yourself honestly – Where do I stand on this issue?

    It hits home to me also since we’ve done the FGB4 event.
    Where did my money go?
    Wounded Warrior Project has a Financial’s page for you to view.

    Prostate Cancer Foundation has a great website and also within it the page "Where does your money go?

    There are very few things in life that I frown at when donating, that is just me. I will give my last penny to someone who in my "heart" deserves it. Now, how do I come upon whom is more deserving? I pray about it. I’ve had no expectations of any return other than having lent a hand to help someone somewhere to achieve a goal, be fed, be clothed, be cared for.

    This is my humble opinion, and you may or may not share it. That’s ok also.

  4. caveman

    while you guys debate, anybody know a caveman knee doctor? it’s all swollen……One of the guys in the cave said cut it off, looking for a second opinion. Plus, you dont want me to get started on the debate. And where’s Larson? Slacker

  5. McLar

    yes, larson is quite lame. still sick. yes, i know. bad excuses. i suck. blah blah blah…miss u guys more than i care to admit on open forum.

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