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From the Art of Manliness: 

In 1926, strong man and physical culture enthusiast Earle Liederman wrote a book called Endurance. In it, Liederman makes the case that every man should be physically fit enough to save his own life in an emergency. He sets out five fitness benchmarks that indicate whether a man is up to this task. None require you to be able to bench press 500 pounds or have six pack abs. Rather, the benchmarks focus on having the strength and endurance to run, swim, or pull yourself to safety.  read on

Two rounds for time:

20  x  burpees

20  x  du’s  (60 singles)

20  x  pull ups

20  x  row for calories

20  x  push press  @ 95# / 65#

20  x  kb swings  @ 24kg / 16kg (american)

20  x  mtn climbers


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  1. anthony


    Everybody wish Gio good luck on obtaining his Level 2 certification……very elite status, but he’ll crush’em. Michelle, good luck at her level 1 cert, hopefully she doesnt kill somebody. All give Sam a big slap on the back for passing the bar(great another lawyer!!!). Stop by and see PamZilla at Pagani Hair Salon at Oak Park and South, she’s the best!!!

  2. anthony

    Calamari 24:56 jumping pullups
    Paul 19:45 10 of each, #45 pp, 16kg kb
    Phil 17:09 r/x
    Molly 18:50
    Caveman 16:54 (60 singles )
    LMAD 21:22
    Drama 27:27

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