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Clean Run

For time:

10 x  cl  155# / 105#

400m run

8   x  cl  155# / 105#

400m run

6   x  cl  155# / 105#

400m run

4   x  cl  155# / 105#

400m run

2   x  cl  155# / 105#

20  pull ups


  • Std:  M – 155#  /  F – 105#
  • B       M – 135#  /  F – 95#
  • C      M –  115#  /  F – 75#

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  2. gio

    It’s 0615 and no LOOPY!!! The chickens and roosters are out, the birds are flying the worms have been eaten, dogs are barking, cats crying and Molly and Phil did FGB!

  3. gio

    Today we had a great turn out for the regularly scheduled program, the WOD. Then again, we also had some make ups today for the FGB IV event. There is something to be learned in all of this:
    1) When one looks from the outside in, all we see is contorted faces dripping with sweat and yelling or grunting at the top of our lungs.

    2) We’re observed moving so slow and deliberate that some would wonder why we’re still standing.

    3) Wonder out loud what the heck we’re doing in the first place as we move from one station to the next and why we’re doing it to start with.

    4) Active participants, volunteers (most) are getting to reach deep down inside their souls for that last drop of gut check that will get them one more rep all the while they want to quit (me included)

    Lupe with a personal record today, only due to our badgering and poking at her that we were pleasantly surprised to have her show us what she has been holding in check for us. Her Ace in the hole. Guts! Non stop valor, weight that kept moving even when there was less and less of her to stand, much less lift, press, push and pull. Awesome job!!! You da’ Bomb!

    Phil: coming in this morning, with one eye opened and the other opened half way was informed to graciously but effectively be prepping his rear end for FGB on Monday am! What was his comment? "Uh, ok". He now holds the Bulldog CrossFit record of 347!

    Molly: A stand out of her own, and Phil’s better half took the FGB challenge and she owned every last point that was there for the taking. Moving from one station to the next even after smacking her self awake in the second round, made this event ever so memorable due in part because it was the first time either Phil or Molly had ever done the FGB!

    Brett: Ever hear the way baseball is described? A game of inches. Well, FGB is a game of single hard earned points! Sucking wind, sweating, blurry red eyes, trying to figure out how to sit, while still holding a mb and you still have 40 seconds left in the third round!
    Brett came in, was prepared to do the Clean Run WOD, but if you get a chance to view the comments from FGB IV on Saturday you’ll notice a certain Rook’s signature in there. Yes, his father belongs to CrossFit No Limits in Washington State. He did FGB, and true to his lineage ( and a little ribbing) he jumped in both feet hitting the ground and he was off and running!
    Score: 246 pr! previous: 245! yes, a game of single points. He earned every single one of them!

    I am humbled to see all of you reach above and beyond yourselves regardless of the score. You amaze me every single day, from the single lift or the effect that CrossFit has imparted in your lives. New you, new attitude, new challenges and always moving forward.

    So very proud to be amongst you, keep reaching for the stars guys! Great job, all of you!

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