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Fight Gone Bad IV

This is it!  The day has finally come and we’ve all been prepping for it.

Fight Gone Bad

Three x 5-minute rounds for reps / calories of the following:

  • 20#  /  14# Wall-ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
  • 75#  /  65# Sumo deadlift high-pull (Reps)
  • 24”   /  20” Box jump (Reps)
  • 75#  /  65# Push-press (Reps)
  • C2 Row (Calories)

Each round is five (5) minutes long on a continuously running clock.
Perform each exercise for one (1) minute.
Move to next station on call of “Rotate” without rest.
Rest is one (1) minute between rounds.
The object is to get as many reps/points per round as possible.

Compare to the last FGB.


4 Responses

  1. Jim Rooks

    Congratulations to everyone at BDCF on their FGB scores, especially our friend IV. Major, your comments on Gio couldn’t be more true. We did FGB out here at Crossfit No limitis yesterday. Scored 192, should have been better.

  2. gio

    Thank you Doc, kind words. Great job on your FGB! That is great, no matter the score. What is more telling?
    A score no one can really put their finger on?
    The fact that you stood up, fought every second, of every minute, of every round ,and ended with your head held high?

    That is what is most impressive. Here is a man among men, still able to humbly say I could’ve done better. Doc, you are awesome!

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