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Ring My Bell

We can’t stress this enough.  Thanks to Andy at CrossFit LA.

Your abs play a critical role in your athletic movement – they stabilize your midline. Properly stabilizing your midlines includes tightening your butt cheeks, holding your breath and bracing your abdominal wall as if you’re about to take a punch. When done correctly, this will help you functionally connect your lower body with your upper body, improving performance in all areas – whether you’re running, rowing, cycling, deadlifting, kettlebell swinging, squatting, handstanding or simply standing up on two feet. (there’s more) — Andy P, CrossFit LA


Today’s WOD

For Time:

30  x  push ups
800m run

30  x  rows  (cover as many meters as possible in 30 pulls)*
800m run

30  x  dips
400m run

15  x  push ups
400m run

15  x  rows  (cover as many meters as possible in 15 pulls)*
400m run

15  x  dips
400m run


*every 100m = 10 sec. off end time.

6 Responses

  1. MiWi (Michelle Wiberg)

    So I’ve been coming to BCF for 2 months now and I thought I was getting stronger and todays WOD let me know I have alot more to do and learn. My arms are still like jello and GIo sorry for almost taking an eye out! LOL

  2. Gio

    Not a problem, that’s why I wear glasses. Not only do I need to see, but it protects from flying projectiles from clients daily.

    You will get strong, it’s just your body that is refusing to let you do what you want so you must teach it daily.

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