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KB Derby VI

Greg sprints to the finish after 26 miles at the Northshore Inline Marathon

Today’s WOD

Two rounds for time:

30 kb sdhp @ 24kg / 16kg
25 kb swings (american)
20 kb snatches
15 kb cleans
10 kb goblet squats

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  1. Caveman

    This is at crossfit fire…any ladies interested in taking a roadtrip? Maybe Gio can find out the details


    September 21st, 2009, by Jennie

    On October 17th, we will be hosting a special LADIES ONLY competition at the Fort! There will be games, prizes and of course, a WOD. This competition is for ALL the ladies, not just our fire breathers! I have something special planned that will help even the playing field, and give everyone a fair shot at walking away the champion.

    There will also be a special ladies only nutrition discussion. Let’s discuss what we pack for lunch, swap recipes, and talk about what we can all be doing to reach our goals a little faster. Bill will be there in case we want to get all "sciencey", but the plan is to discuss all the HOW’s of implementing changes in our lifestyles, not necessarily the WHY’s.

    Let’s get as many people participating as possible to make the day extra fun. The time is TBD, but it will most likely be some time shortly after the free introductory session.

  2. anthony

    nice language!!! It would be nice to see you show up at the gym and face your fears(wallballs/Caveman)!!! you only talk trash when I’m away!! Knees wont let me. It took me awhile, but I just figured out Greg’s new nickname…..TRON!!!

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