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Gabriela Vesela

When I first started Bulldog Bootcamp, it was for an embarrassing, yet very common reason. My friend was getting married and I wanted to look good in my dress. Yes, that was my main reason.

Now, 4 month later with my vanity aside, I couldn’t be happier about not only starting this exercise program, but sticking with it [and re-enlisting for a 6mo extension]. I recently had a doctors appointment where a series of tests were done for diabetes. This disease runs in my family, so she wanted to be sure the “health issues” I had been experiencing were un-related to being a diabetic. To mine and the doctors surprise the tests came back positive for me being a “pre-diabetic”. We discussed my options as I shared with her my current Bulldog bootcamp regime of working out three times a week for an hour each day come rain or shine. Her response was very short and to the point….….. *Do Not Quit!!!!*

My doctor said without a doubt, that being a “Bulldog camper” all these months has helped prevent me from being a full blown diabetic.

Now when I sit at work and think of the many excuses not to attend camp and get pushed by Suzanne, I am quickly reminded what working out is doing and has done for me. It may sound corny (I’m well aware) but Bulldog Bootcamp is one of the BEST things that I’ve incorporated into my life. I am not only losing weight and feeling great about myself, but feel this exercise program has single-handedly managed to keep me from having a common, yet unpleasant illness.

Thank you Suzanne and to all the DI’s for pushing me to my limits in a way that I get so terribly exhausted but remain so terribly hooked!!!!
I’m happy to report that I’ve become a “bulldog”…….. not a diabetic.

 * Gabriela Vesela*

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