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Aisha Mohyuddin

Suzzane (aka Sgt Friday)

I FINALLY found the time to sit down and let you know the incredible transformation Bulldog Boot Camp made on me.  I feel like one of those cheesy commercials for diet products where the chump holds out his pants and is like “I lost 47 pounds on Slim Fast and you can, too!”  I never bought into them, choosing to change the channel and think “yeah, and how much are they padding your pockets.  Liar.  That’s impossible.” 

So, now when I write to you, I feel like a cheesy chump telling you HOW I LOST 25 POUNDS in 3 months from Bulldog Boot Camp.  I don’t have pictures of me wearing ridiculously large pants…sorry!   You will just have to use your imagination with that one!

But, my success at Boot Camp prompted me to write to you, and the difference between me and Mr. Slim Fast is that I didn’t do it sitting around sipping a shake…so maybe people will actually believe my story! 

I joined Boot Camp because I had gained a ton of weight in just a couple of months and complained about it to ANYONE and EVERYONE who would listen.  I joined a gym and went 3 times a week.  I even hired an $85/hour trainer.  Nothing worked.  All it did was leave me frustrated.  And broke. 

My friend, sick of my whining, suggested a Boot Camp, and so we joined together.  He was a military man in tip top physical condition.  I was a fatty who could barely WALK a mile, nevertheless run one.  And although I came every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening because my friend  made me (I had made him PROMISE not to let me miss a session no matter how much I cried.)  And cry I did, but he did not care.  He was tough…remember, military man. 

He ended up quitting after 6 weeks due to work obligations.  But, by then the Bulldogs had an addicting pull on me…kind of like the opposite of a bad drug.  You hate it while you are doing it, but feel AMAZING afterwards, and the phenomenal results on your body are unparallel to anything else I have done.  Not only did I lose 25 pounds of nasty fat, I have become stronger and just FEEL great. 

So, I guess I write to you to get the message out to anyone out there that thinks they aren’t athletic enough or haven’t gotten the results they have wanted from their workouts, whether they be a contender for the Fittest Person in Chicago, or like me, the Flabbiest.  I promise, this place will give you the results you can’t get anywhere else.  It it’s fun, but not a walk in the park.  Some days I have wanted to RUN away when the DIs weren’t looking…but I didn’t because I was too tired and didn’t trust my legs not to give! 🙂  But, in the end, all worth it.  I fit into my “skinny jeans” and no one padded MY pockets to tell me how awesome you are! 

Thanks, Suzanne – And although I give you the evil eye.  All the time.  Deep down I really do love you!

Aisha Mohyuddin

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